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This journal serves as a powerful tool in capturing a personal military experience and also in the raising of awareness and funds for Hope for the Warrior, a non-profit organization serving our combat wounded and their families.  

Included in the Journal:

  • Stories of experiences.
  • An interactive Journal.
  • Vivid illustrations.
  • Tools of healing

Meet the Author

Jay McChord:
Author and

McChord is guided by his faith, driven by his passion for igniting new ideas in others, and dedicated to better communities. MORE...

What People are Saying:

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"To be able to record one's memories and read the thoughts and words of other veterans is a unique opportunity for healing and remembrance. ”
Amazon November 8

"A Veterans Legacy can help start the process of healing for many of our combat survivors.
Highly recommend.”

Amazon November 28
"This journal is a fabulous idea that can serve as both a therapeutic tool for a veteran and family keepsake for generations to come.”
Amazon November 22